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We can custom make any diamond plated tool order given proper instructions (diagrams, samples, etc...). We would be able to offer you a price quote based on orders in different purchase volumes. This service has worked well for us in the past. For example, if you needed a cone shaped diamond plated tool we would need the following instructions:

Product type: Diamond plated tool
Shape: Cone
Diameter: 6"
Height: 4"
Grit: 100#
Quantity: 100pcs., 1000pcs.
Weight: As low as possible.
Notes: Please, hollow out the inside of the cone as much as possible to reduce weight.
Required delivery date: 2 months from placement of purchase order.

We would then proceed to prepare a quote for your approval, for example:


Quantity: 100pcs. 1000pcs.
Price: $15.50 (FOB) $12.50 (FOB)
Estimated Weight per piece: 1.35kg
Estimated Delivery: 6 weeks from confirmation of order

Upon approval of the quote we would prepare samples for inspection. After approval of the samples we would negotiate terms and go ahead with production and delivery. It's as simple as that. So please, let us know if you think this service might be beneficial to your business.


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